Take Action: Comment on “Outside, Together”

Take Action Today! The state recently released “Outside, Together”, the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP).  This effort is separate from the survey that was releases last fall and the plan to develop a new map or a permit system.  That being said the state is asking for feedback and we should take this opportunity to voice our values on responsible motorized recreation.  Please follow the link to review the document and submit your comment.  We have read the document and included some suggested talking points that you can use.   Please take 5 minutes to click the link and copy and paste the test below or write your own feedback.  

Let’s get started!

Step One- (Optional) Review the “Outside, Together” information

Review the Outside, Together Webpage:


Step Two – Submit Your Concerns

1) Write your own comments or copy and paste the suggested comments below:

I support Principle 1, “Expanding high-quality open space and recreational opportunities for all New Jersey residents and visitors” as it pertains to New Jersey’s forests.

The roads in our forests, and Wharton State forest in particular, have been important to the citizens of NJ dating back to the Revolution. Wharton is a 120,000 acres and any sort of recreation in the interior of Wharton requires road access. This access is especially important for those with children, the elderly, and the handicapped. We have experienced the beauty of our forests and we want our children and  grandchildren to be able to have the same experiences we have had. I am against any effort to restrict motorized access to the roads in our state forests.

I am concerned about Principle 6, “Continuing commitments to stewardship and the conservation and restoration of biodiversity”

While I support protecting our resources from abuse, I’m concerned about the goal regarding the “removal of abandoned roads and trails”. Who is to say that a road or trail is “abandoned” and what will the definition of “abandoned” be? I am against the closure of any road or trail identified on the 1997 USGS Topographical maps, as this the most comprehensive baseline of roads known to exist for New Jersey.

2) Click on the link to submit your comments: